Chris Payne

I am Chris Payne, a retired university professor now living in Lipa, Batangas, The Philippines.

I was born in 1942 in Oldham, now Greater Manchester, and my earliest memory was of being bombed by German V1 flying bombs on Christmas Eve 1944. We were desperately poor and I was brought up in almost medieval poverty in a house without indoor plumbing, electricity and just a single coal fire for heating.

From the local school for poor children where we were rote-taught in classes of 50, I passed the 11-plus and went on to the local grammar school from which I graduated with the usual clutch of GCE’s. I took a London External BSc in 1965, then a master’s degree in applied mathematics at Newcastle University in 1966. I had to wait until 1980 before I got my PhD from Liverpool where I was supervised by the famous R.K.Penny.

After a year in industry, I began my academic career in September 1967 at what is now Liverpool John Moores University. I was a member of the polytariat until 1985, when I was invited to become a member of the team at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, where they were creating the world’s first university department of Information Systems Management. After I returned to England, I continued to work for Maryland in its European Division, based in Heidelberg, Germany, finally retiring in 2006 as Director of Mathematics and full professor.

I have been married twice. My first marriage lasted from 1964 to 1995. We had two children, Alexandra, now a freelance psychtherapist in the UK who has two daughters, and Michael, who died tragically in 1997. I am now married to Loydz, a very successful Filipina businesswoman.

In my retirement, I write books, including non-fiction and novels under the pen-name ‘Christopher Worrad Payne’. I also have a small publishing company, Lipa Publishing Inc, which publishes my books and software.

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Chris Payne has written six books, all of which are are published by Chris’s own company, Lipa Publishing Inc. and are available on (Click on title to see the full description.)


An account of a year spent working for a  dysfunctional university in Turkish Cyprus.

The problems and joys of moving from the UK to The Philippines.


A guide for students just entering the world of work - preparing a CV, attending interviews, work-place politics and so on. Aimed at sheltered students who will be culture shocked when they give up the security of college for the real world.

A novel about two put-upon further education college lecturers who turn themselves into freelance hitmen.

A novel about a corrupt regime in eastern Europe in which the local American Univerity gets involved.

A story about a famous international financier/politician who is sexually compromised by the US government.

The Books of Chris Payne

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  1. Encounters with a Fat Chemist

 2. Balikwas -  How to Emigrate to The Philippines

 3. What they don’t tell you in college


5. High Crimes and Low Stakes.

6. The Descent of Gustave K.

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