‘Balikwas’ is a Tagalog word which is untranslatable into English. It signifies a startling change - a move to ‘the other side’. Chris Payne writes about moving his life to the other side of the world when he and wife Loydz left England to emigrate to The Philippines.

Balikwas – How to Emigrate to The Philippines  is an account of how they did it. He describes how they packed up in the UK and built a house in their new country. The book recounts how they adapted to a different way of life in the tropics.

Their story is an encouraging and life-affirming story of how, even late in life, one can still change one’s life and enjoy new and interesting experiences in a far away country.

It can also be read as a simple ‘how to do it’ guide for anyone contemplating emigration, either to The Philippines or elsewhere.


Paperback SBN 978-971-9578-00-0

How to Emigrate to The Philippines