All Christopher Worrad Payne’s books are published by Lipa Publishing, incorporated in The Philippines.


Books by Christopher Worrad Payne


The Descent

 of Gustave K

High Crimes

and Low Stakes

Balikwas - How to Emigrate

To  The Philippines


A comedy about two ordinary suburban teachers who find themselves transformed into freelance international hitmen.


A fateful encounter between a world-famous international financial politician and a hotel maid who has been forced to entrap him  by the authorities.

A satire where the high crimes of government intrigue meet the bitter low-stakes politics of of the university.


Encounters with a

 Fat Chemist

The author’s personal account of working in a dysfunctional university in Northern Cyprus

How the author moved, at the age of seventy, from the UK to The Philippines


What they don’t tell you in college

How a new graduate can survive in the workplace - going to an interview, writing your resume, the office politics, and so much more which the professors never tell you about

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Encounters What