The Descent of Gustave K

Paperback ISBN 978-971-9678-08-3

Gustave K had everything. Born to a wealthy titled German family, he had risen to the top of international financial and political life when he was made Managing Director of the World Development Fund. He was expected to go even further – many thought he would go on to become chancellor of his country.

The Descent of Gustave K is the story of a principled and brilliant man whose prediction of a forthcoming world financial catastrophe and how it could be prevented, made him some very powerful enemies who were determined to silence him at any price.

The weapon they chose to bring about Gustave K’s descent was his well-known weakness as a sexual libertine. For their plan to succceed, they also needed to destroy the life of Estella, the Mexican chambermaid they had used to entrap him.

Both Gustave K and Estella find themselves unwitting victims of the arbitrary immorality and cruelty of big government power when it balances injustices to the individual against what it perceives as the greater public good. The humanity of the two is what gives them the strength to survive the forces set against them and find a means to rebuild their shattered lives.