Java is the most important programming language in use today, with billions of devices running Java programs. Its applications range from large conventional systems to small embedded firmware. It is a major language of the Internet.

Java Quick and Easy is for students starting a first course in object-oriented programming using Java. The author’s approach is to get the student comfortable with using the basic tools of Java program development from the start using a “hands-on” approach. So the student is writing programs which work from day one. Beginning with the traditional “Hello World” program, Chris Payne soon guides the student through the basics of Java – the data types, program structure, packages, classes and methods etc. Within a short time, the student should be able to write programs using arrays, file input/output, the Abstract Windows Toolkit(awt) for graphics and windows, animation, event handling, applets and the Swing classes. There are also chapters on network programming in Java, multithreading and an introduction to Java programming for tablet devices using the Android operating system.

Although the emphasis is mainly practical, the theoretical ideas of object-oriented programming are briefly discussed as they arise, with short explanations of the main features of object-orientation such as inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism etc.

Java Quick and Easy

A First Course in Computer Programming

ISBN 978-971-9678-03-8