This last ten years has seen a revolution in the world of publishing. Once the process of getting your book published required the assistance of a closed shop of literary agents, publishers and distributors. With the coming of print-on-demand , it is now possible to publish yourself, cheaply and enjoyably.

From the moment you first sit down and write ‘Chapter 1, Page 1..’ right up taking delivery of  the first printed volume, you take charge of the whole process. Getting your book into print and ready for your readership is virtually cost free to anyone with access to a home computer.

Self-Publishing Quick and Easy leads you through the whole process  of how  to take your  your word processed typescript and  make it print-ready. How to add high-resolution images ane id tables is fully explained. Using simple software tools already available on most PC’s or downloadable for free, you can also produce a professional-looking cover.

The book also shows you how to get an ISBN to register your book with an international  unique identifier and how to attach the ISBN barcode needed for distribution and sales.

Modern books are not just paperbacks. You can convert your text to an eBook for readers who prefer to read their books on a computer or a hand-held tablet.

Self-Publishing Quick and Easy

ISBN 978-971-9678-04-5